Meet Our Dental Team

Successful orthodontic treatment requires all the elements of good teamwork, communication and commitment. Our staff members take pride in their work and are cognizant of the important role they play in your oral health.

Jody Vukonic, CDA. Coquitlam Orthdontist

Jody Vokonic
Certified Dental Assistant

Julie Tanner, CDA, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Julie Tanner
Certified Dental Assistant

Holly Mumford, CDA, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Holly Mumford
Certified Dental Assistant

Judi Prue, CDA, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Judi Prue
Certified Dental Assistant

Jillian Montemayor, CDA, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Jillian Montemayor
Certified Dental Assistant

Kelly Brown, Treatment Coordinator, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Kelly Brown
Treatment Coordinator

Michele Petrik, Office Manager, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Michele Petrik
Office Manager

Elaine Chow, Financial Coordinator, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Elaine Chow
Financial Coordinator

Jen Flynn, Reception & Financial, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Jen Flynn
Reception/Financial Coordinator

Ashley Burnett, Reception & Financial, Coquitlam Orthdontist

Ashley Burnett
Reception/Financial Coordinator

Jen Inch, Reception, Coquitlam Orthodontist

Jen Inch

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