Retainers - An Essential Part of Your Orthodontic Treatment

Retainers - An Essential Part of Your Orthodontic Treatment

Finally, after months or even years your braces are coming off! Congratulations, but as exciting as it is, your treatment isn't done quite yet. After your braces come off you're going to need to wear a retainer for a while. Our Coquitlam orthodontists explain why...

You thought that once your braces came off it would be the end of your orthodontic treatment but now you find out that you have to wear a retainer, why?

No doubt you're disappointed, but your retainer is as important to your orthodontic treatment as your braces were.

Why do I need to wear a retainer?

Now that your teeth are where you want them, it's important to make sure that they stay there! Your braces worked to move your teeth to their corrected position and hold them in that spot securely. When your braces come off  your teeth are going to need a little time to settle into the soft tissue and jaw bone surrounding them. Your retainer is designed to prevent your teeth from shifting out of their new positions during this settling-in phase.

Your retainer will be custom-made to fit your new smile precisely, and designed to keep your teeth right where you want them. That's why wearing your retainer is so important!

How long will I have to wear my retainer?

Most patients will wear a retainer full-time for about a year then move to part-time wear. As your teeth begin to settle into their new positions, your orthodontist will carefully monitor the stability of your teeth and let you know when you can start wearing your retainer on a part-time basis, or just at night when you go to sleep.

Are retainers comfortable?

When you first start wearing your new retainer it might cause you to feel some discomfort or pressure, which is normal. Remember that the more you wear your retainer, the more used to it you will become, and the more comfortable it will begin feel. 

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