Dating with Braces

Dating with Braces

Many teenagers and adults with braces worry about what it will be like to date during treatment. Here are some tips and ideas for not letting your braces put a stop to your romantic endeavors!

Own your look!

Feeling confident with braces can be easier said than done, especially when you’re still getting used to them. But if you want to date successfully with braces, your best bet will be to embrace them.

Try the following:

  • Smile and laugh like you normally would. There's not much point in trying to hide your braces under your lips; your date is going to notice them anyway, and it'll just look awkward.
  • Try Coloured braces! Orthodontic elastics come in a full rainbow of colours, so you may as well choose one that you like, or that suits your skin tone or eye colour.
  • Bold lipstick (if that’s your thing) that frames and shows off your braces.
  • Try thinking of your braces as an accessory that add  your your overall unique look.

Check for debris.

If anything is going to put a damper on a romantic meal, it'll be your date politely pointing out that most of your dinner is stuck in your brackets.

If you’re out for a meal, choose a braces-friendly meal. Check your braces throughout the evening as well to make sure you’re in the clear. If you think this sounds too distracting, you may be better off going on non-food related dates until you and your date get to know each other better.

Remember: Your date cares less about your braces than you do.

However awkward you may feel about your braces, we're willing to bet your date isn’t half as concerned about them as you are.

Braces aren’t forever, and they don’t change who you are as a person. If there's a spark between you, your date won’t really care of you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. And if he or she does… is that really the sort of person you want to be dating?

Try a more inconspicuous treatment option.

If you really don't think you can deal with the obvious look of traditional braces, there are a variety of less conspicuous orthodontic treatment options available for teens and adults:

Invisalign clear plastic aligners are almost invisible when worn, and you can take them out while you eat.

Translucent braces are made of a tooth-coloured ceramic material that blends in almost seamlessly with your teeth.

Lingual Braces are placed on the backs of the teeth, facing into the mouth, making them almost completely hidden from sight

In-Ovation System braces feature small, streamlined brackets and no elastics or ties.

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