Caring for Your Teeth After Braces

Caring for Your Teeth After Braces

The big day has arrived: your braces are coming off! This is an exciting day both for patients, and for orthodontists, too. Here's what to do after your braces come off to keep your new smile straight and healthy.

The process of removing braces is quite quick. Your orthodontist will carefully remove the braces, as well as any bonding cement that remains.

At Coquitlam Family Orthodontics, we get nearly as excited when this day comes as our patients do! We enjoy seeing the outcome of the previous months or even years of treatment, of course. But best of all, we love seeing our patients’ happy faces when they see their straight new smiles unobstructed for the first time!

Now that the braces are gone, the maintenance portion of your treatment begins. There are several different elements to maintaining your new smile, including the following:


After your braces come off, you’ll have to wear a retainer either full time or part time for about a year, and then intermittently thereafter. The retainer is just as important as the braces were, because it allows your teeth to settle firmly into their new positions. If you don’t wear your retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist, there may be a risk that your teeth will become misaligned again.

Regular Dental Check Ups

We all know that going to the dentist regularly is integral to maintaining a healthy smile. This is true for everyone, not just orthodontics patients! After your orthodontic treatment is complete, you’ll have to continue seeing your dentist at least twice a year, and visiting your orthodontist regularly too. That way, we can monitor your smile and make sure excellent results are maintained.

Good Oral Hygiene

Keep up the rigorous oral hygiene routine you got into while you were wearing braces to keep your new smile healthy! Of course, you don’t have to spend all the additional time cleaning the braces themselves, but the careful habits your developed of being extra thorough when you had your braces should continue now.


Once orthodontic treatment is over, many of our patients notice a difference in the colour of their teeth in general, and the places where their brackets were attached. They often choose to even out the colour and add the finishing touch to their new smiles by having their teeth whitened.

If you have any questions about how to care for your teeth after your orthodontic treatment is complete, contact Coquitlam Family Orthodontics today!

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